General Grounds Maintenance Services are maintained throughout the complete calendar year. Growing season services include mowing, edging, trimming, blowing and weed control. During the dormant season, focal points include leaf control and policing of debris. Our services will assure a focus on health, stability and a sharp neat appearance.

General Grounds Maintenance:

  • Prior to the start of mowing season a spring clean-up of grounds will be conducted.
  • Our mowing program will be based on environmental conditions and reaction of turf. Weekly mowing will be performed mid-March through October.  Frequency outside of those months will be dictated by need, health of turf and weather.
  • Edging & trimming to be performed around all plant beds, curbs, streets, and buildings.
  • This includes blowing and all necessary actions to maintain beauty and curb appeal.
  • Detailed weed control will be performed as an ongoing service that will include chemical, mechanical and hand weeding.
  • Areas of weed control include tree, shrub and applicable flower beds.
  • Weed applications are applied as needed, with an appropriate non-selective pre-emergent and post emergent to sidewalks and curbs to prevent growth of grass and weeds in these areas.
  • Leaf removal services generally start in November and continue to year end.
  • Off season policing of grounds will include debris removal of unwanted branches, sticks and trash.