Why Fall is the Best Time for Planting

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4 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time for Planting

Spring is often thought of as the best time to plant. However, adding perennials, bulb, wildflower and shrubs to the garden in the fall gives them a head start for their first season.

  1. Jump Start on Growth

Planting in the fall will allow the root system to start growing once the ground thaws, long before the soil can be worked by human hands and new plants can be put in the ground. This means first season perennials will actually show their flowers.

  1. The Weather

Warm sunny days can stress new transplants. Cooler night and morning dew allows plants to recover from the sunny days. Also, the soil is still warm which allows for root growth until the first frost. These plants will have a developed root system that is growing and ready to produce flowers in the summer. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy gardening in the cool fall weather over the hot summer heat.

  1. Less Water

Plants require less water in cooler weather because there is less water evaporation and photosynthesis slows down on shorter days. Typically, fall beings several cool, cloudy days with frequent precipitation.

  1. Reduced Stress

Plants get stressed when they are introduced into a new environment. The transplanting stress is reduced in the fall because the plant is entering dormancy. The plant growth is being focused into the root system and the root system is storing energy for next year. It can be hard for a plant to recover after the transplant shock before the demands of summer. Overall, plant health is improved for next year by planting in the fall.


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