The Benefits of Hiring a Full- Service Landscape Company is Key to a successful Landscape Maintenance in your life.  Managing your home whether it is a Landscape Partner, HVAC, Electrician, Plumber, House Cleaning Professional, is difficult to manage and know the individual you can trust to do the job with knowledge & integrity.

To have one company to manage all of your landscaping needs would be a joyous benefit to anyone in search of that one knowledgeable, trustworthy and superior full service landscape provider.  We at  Home & Turf ( value ourselves to be focused on Customer Satisfaction.  Our Goal is to be a Proactive Based Partner that can manage all of your property’s needs.

QUALITY ~ With a Full Service Landscape Provider we can guarantee the quality of work, highest employee standards & communication with your Account Manager at all times ~ anytime of the day.  You will not speak to an operator or automated phone service each time your call Home & Turf 757-707-7518 you will speak to an individual that will ensure you receive the answer to any question or concern promptly.

C.A.R.E. ~ Customer, Assurance, Review & Evaluation

At Home & Turf we are customer satisfaction driven, which is why we provide our C.A.R.E.:  Call Service to our Partners.  We will visit with you regarding your property at a minimum of 4 times per year.  During these visits we are measuring our company’s performance, your properties current condition an evaluate any needs or enhancements.


We here at Home & Turf know the importance of the ease of using one organization to streamline your landscape services and design.  You will have one point of contact and one organization to manage a maintenance, project or design.  You deserve to experience a peace of mind when it comes to your landscape services.

Give Home & Turf a call today (757) 707-7518 to schedule a consultation to get the future of beautifying your landscape and bringing some green to your life.  

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